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My Favourite Vacation: Anniversary Trip to Hawaii

Creating special experiences is what I do best! It’s what makes a trip the memory of a lifetime. I know from experience how important it is to plan a trip well and how small details make all the difference. The most memorable trip I planned was for my own family: our first ever visit to Hawaii to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

We are a small family but each of us has our own preferences on how to spend vacation time, just like any other family. My husband wanted to relax and spend some quality time with us, our son wanted a place to make new friends and have fun with other kids and for me, the romantic component was especially important.

Our son was 8 years old at the time, so we decided to stay at Aulani Resort, a Disney property in one of the most beautiful and romantic Oahu locations that is the area of Ko’olina. The resort offers a private beach, spa, golf course, activities, and club house for the kids. By that point I had already achieved a few of the requirements we were looking for, but the romantic component could not be forgotten. That’s how I decided to plan a vow renewal ceremony in a traditional Hawaiian way: by the sea with Hawaiian wedding gowns, a priest, photographer, and a special dinner for two (plus one!). I still remember my husband getting nervous just like me the first time we said “I do,” the beautiful location by the sea at sunset, and the cherry on top of the cake: our son being part of this special occasion. We all remember the emotions of that day like it was yesterday. Building those special occasions is what makes a trip a memory of a lifetime and is what I enjoy doing for my clients.

Since our trip to Hawaii we've made many more memories as a family, as close to home as Vancouver Island and the Rocky Mountains to as far away as China. For me, travel has been a way to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life, relax, and learn from different places and cultures while also bringing back a suitcase full of special memories that will last a lifetime!


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