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Why you should consider using a travel advisor to plan your next vacation

You’ve probably planned a trip on your own and I am sure it went well (or maybe it didn’t and you have a hilarious or dramatic story to tell!), but do you know what you’re missing when you plan a trip without the advice of a professional travel advisor?

A travel advisor’s job is to listen to travellers’ concerns and provide the most up-to-date options so they can make informed decisions about their trip at a minimal cost. A good travel advisor gives their clients all the facts about their trip, their destination, and the policies of their travel supplier. They can tell you if airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators have waived change and cancellation fees, which has never been more important than during and after the COVID pandemic.

It is important that you find that knowledgeable person who is up to date with the latest regulations per country, has reliable partners at the right places, knows the destination and the culture of the places so can give you all the insight that you need to travel safely and have the trip of a lifetime. When you decide to plan and book your own trip, you have to set aside hours of time on research alone. There is simply so much information out there that it’s easy to miss a key detail. Travel advisors provide a one-stop shop for everything you need for your vacation.

A good travel advisor will help you with all the planning and booking from airfare to hotels, transportation, itinerary, attractions and travel insurance. They will know the differences among all the cruise lines, be able to guide you to the hotel in Rome or Paris that’s perfect for your needs, or find you a guide in Peru who knows all about Peruvian history. They also have helpful tips for everything from restaurants to packing to timing travel to avoid busy seasons or bad weather. Planning a complex trip is not easy due to international travel, flight connections, multiple destinations, a celebration vacation, or a big group. Advisors excel at these kinds of complicated arrangements. They will even help ensure you are getting what you want with simpler bookings. You will not be stuck in a hotel room that looked great on the web but fell far short in reality.

Choose a travel advisor with an agency behind them. Unforeseen things happen all the time, like your flight being canceled, natural disaster hitting the area you plan to visit, or getting sick or losing your passport during the trip. If you book online, do not expect much help when an emergency hits. But travel advisors will be there for you (usually 24/7) and will be able to resolve the problem thanks to their experience. You will be able to travel worry free. Exe reimbursement for flight tickets for my clients and credits to use their money in the future.

People tend to think that a travel advisor will charge you extra for planning a vacation for you. Most travel advisors don’t, but they do have the best insights of the industry and most of them are very well travelled, so they know the inside scoop on many destinations.

Referrals are especially important when you look for a travel advisor; ask your family and friends and remember that each advisor has specific expertise.

I recommend you talk to an advisor before planning with them to see if their experience matches your needs. If it’s a match, you’re ready to start planning!


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